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What My Camera Sees



I love writing about nature, and I also love taking photos of all the beauty I see when I am out and about. Way back when I was still using a film camera, even that didn’t deter me. Almost every week, I was sending film out to some developing company and then waiting the few days for the fat envelope containing the prints to arrive. I was always breathless with excitement to see how my shots had turned out, which ones had, and which ones hadn’t. I was just starting out back then, and it would be some time before digital cameras came into vogue.

When they finally did and became affordable, I bought an inexpensive little instant-shot digital camera that opened the door to a whole new world to me. As I got better at composition, my photos improved. And to this day, I haven’t lost the thrill of uploading my photos onto my computer program and seeing what my camera saw. Sometimes I’m disappointed. But more often than not, I am pleasantly surprised and sit here going “Oh!” over and over again when particularly clear and breathtaking shots pop up before my very eyes.

Unlike with my old film camera where I was limited to how many photos I could take on one roll, digital camera cards are capable of storing hundreds of photos. So it’s possible to start shooting and never stop until I think I’ve got enough. I take several shots of the same subjects, and then spend time selecting the right ones. I’ve been doing this now for nearly a decade, and I never tire of it.

At some point along the way, I upgraded to a better camera equipped with a video function. Since then, I’ve shot dozen short videos of things I’ve seen in nature. Rather than just store them away in a file on my computer, I decided to open a YouTube account and display some there. Taking photos and now videos is like anything other hobby: it’s fun to share the results with others, which is what I hope to accomplish on my YT page and sometimes on my Facebook pages.

People thank me for doing it, and I can honestly say that it gives me great joy to put things out there for others to enjoy. I’ve heard from people who moved south and who appreciate seeing images of what they left behind in Maine and from others who have never been here and who enjoy seeing what, for me, is simply routine here.

From this, I’ve learned that there are more ways to get paid for what I do than merely with money. Through my photos and videos, I get paid in the joy of letting others see what I see, and it’s like they’re standing right here with me when I press the shutter button. And that is worth more than all the money in the world!

You can visit my YouTube page at this link:


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Adopting Nature’s Pace


A friend of mine, Shawn Poland, who lives a couple of hours north of me in Maine’s western hills area, suggested I put together a video of my writing experiences, but I had no idea how to go about that. So when he offered to do the honors, I took him up on it, and below is the wonderful result of our remote collaboration.

While viewing the video is still difficult for me on some levels, I’m thrilled that, with Shawn’s talented technical help, I was able to commit to posterity a record of the years I spent living the woods, writing about nature, and taking those experiences with me to the present time. Viewing it takes me back to a happy time, and although I no longer live in either of those idyllic places, I can say that I’ve been there and done that. Now, I can revisit those experiences any time I want simply by clicking the Play arrow.

My hope is that others also take inspiration from those experiences, and, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose quote I rearranged for my own title, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”