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Just What the “Doctor” Ordered

Now that the final touches have been added to my new e-book covers, things seem to be picking up regarding visibility, hits, and interest. That is, after all, what it’s about, is it not? I’ve read of some authors spending their lives writing only to shove everything into a desk drawer, under a rug, or behind a secret wall panel, only to be discovered years later when said writer is no longer around to care. I’m not that humble or forward-thinking. Yes, I want to leave a legacy for my¬†children and their children, etc. But I’d also like to feel some of the joy now of being recognized and appreciated, as well as the sense of accomplishment inherent to this process, while I am still able to.

When I started publishing back in April 2014, I did the best I could with what I had to work with as far as covers go. By the fifth book, I knew I had to do something about those covers, as they weren’t inspiring even to ME, and I wrote the darn things! One night, I happened to mention this to a Facebook friend, Shawn Poland, who is actually a friend of my daughter’s, and whom I have never actually met. He said, “Send me what you have, and I’ll see what I can do with it.” When I opened his next message and saw what he had done with my very first cover for “The Snowing,” I was hooked. And from that point on, we have been on a joyful collaboration that I hope is finally starting to produce results. I may have done all the writing, but if it weren’t for Shawn and his graphic abilities, I doubt that my books would ever have been noticed a first time, let alone twice.

So this is my tribute–and thanks–to him for his efforts, his creativity, and his willingness to help.

The Snowing Cover 4


The House Cover 3