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Awhile back, someone asked me how I come up with all the material I use in my writing. That’s hard to explain to a non-writer, as it’s not a case of ever actually KNOWING when I have a good idea. It sort of just creeps into my mind, and becomes part of my thought processes in a very subliminal way. I see or hear something, or an event triggers a certain response in me, and then I’m off. And as most writers will attest to, it’s in those wee hours of the morning when our brains are  unencumbered by other trivia that the words start coming to us.

So to those who might be curious as to how an idea takes shape in the mind of the writer, this particular writer anyway, here’s how it works. I got the inspiration for my first Kindle book, “The Snowing,” from the simple act of standing at the window one day during a snowstorm and wondering…”what if it snowed at this rate for days on end without stopping?” And from there, I imagined houses completely buried, and as the snow started piling ever more deeply, anyone inside those buildings would be completely cut off from the things they commonly used and that they would need in order to survive. Then it occurred to me that oxygen could become a problem if a house were completely buried, and how would a family get around that?

I don’t think there are many people who live in Maine who haven’t imagined a similar scenario. Our weather systems here tend to move quickly, causing storms that dump their snow amounts within a day or two at most before moving off to sea. But what if they didn’t, and a family was left with no other choice but to move up as high as it could inside their house in order to be able to breathe?

What type of family would that be? Well, the romantic in me dictates that is has to be a farm family that is used to a self-sustaining lifestyle. And it has to happen in a place where help is not close by and therefore not instantly forthcoming as it would be in a more urban area.

And there’s the beauty of writing fiction. I can write anything I want and make it as intriguing and interesting to myself as I want. If I find the idea of being holed up in a snowbound house exciting and having nothing but a wood stove for heat and some preserved foods for sustenance, I can write about that. I can make it as cozy and appealing to myself as I choose to, and hope that whoever decides to read it will share in my very self-serving enthusiasm and delight.

As Toni Morrison so aptly put it: ‘If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.’

“The Snowing” is available on Kindle at the following link:    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JGVYLV8

If you don’t own a Kindle device, you can install a free Kindle reading app on your SmartPhone, your tablet, or your computer by going to https://www.amazon.com/gp/digital/fiona/kcp-landing-page?ie=UTF8&ref_=klp_f_win


Author: raelove1950

I've been writing personally and professionally for over 40 years, and recently started writing books for Amazon Kindle. During the last 25 years, I have also written for the Journal Tribune in Biddeford, Maine; the Maine Sunday Telegram in Portland, Maine; Current Publishing in Westbrook, Maine; and the Reporter, a weekly newspaper based in Waterboro, Maine. I recently released a book entitled "From the Urban Wilderness: Life in the Southern Maine Woods," which is a collection of essays taken from a weekly column I wrote for the Journal Tribune from 2010 to 2016. It is available from Amazon.com and CreateSpaceStore.com .

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